My Story

I am pretty sure you have all been asked what you want to do when you grow up. Well, when I was six I decided I wanted to be a singer -and that idea stuck with me for a very long time (I still would love to be a singer). I used to write songs in a little notebook I had and when I was old enough to use the computer, I would put a rhythm to it and record myself singing it. It was not a joke for me. I remember one time my younger cousin found my journal and started making fun of me. We fought and the result wasn’t nice. There were some punches and tears involved. (As I said, it was no joke). But when I got into high school and had to start thinking about university, being a singer was never an option.

Singing was never an option because it seemed like an unreachable goal. I still wanted to do something in the creative side so I took some Altos de Chavon courses for Fashion Design. I fell in love with fashion right there. I started to read fashion blogs and spend countless hours looking for the clothes featured in my favorite outfits. It slowly became my new obsession. I wanted to work in fashion but when it was finally the time to answer the question I still felt like I couldn’t. Fashion also felt unreachable.

It was now my last year in high school so I had to decide what to do. The problem with me wanting to be a singer wasn’t that I didn’t know how to sing (let’s be real…who sings these days?) or that I wouldn’t be able to fit in one of the many careers in the fashion industry, the problem was I was scared of following my heart.I knew what I wanted but I was scared to follow what I love and fall flat on my face.

With this post I am letting go of that fear and you should too. Let’s vow to follow our dreams and stand up every time we fall. After reading this, go do something you love. Whether it is to take a trip somewhere you always wanted to go or start your own clothing line, you will never know what could have happened unless you try it out.

With that being said, I invite you to follow me on my road to happiness.

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